Cigar Stands 

(for adults!)

A close friend of mine is a cigar aficionado and I built him a smoking stand as a birthday present. That got me started on smoking stands. Though I will never take up cigars myself, they have infected my imagination...



For a right or left-handed single cigar smoker - the ashtray rotates around the top on an industrial bearing. Tempering-color patina on the top contrasts nicely with the polished stainless ashtray cup and repurposed copper pipe cigar mount.


Jack's Lamp Post  

An elgant two-cigar stand with fluted glass bowl which removes easily for cleaning.



The 'Gar Gage

For a right or left-handed single cigar smoker - the ashtray rotates within the top and removes for cleaning. Table allows you to gage the cigar. Tempering-color patina on the top offsets the spring-loaded base.


The StandPipe

If a fire breaks out this won't be of any use, though you may be tempted to try and use it. Hammered aluminum ash bowl sits on a stainless steel ring supported on a spring-wrapped column of mild steel. Delicate legs of spring steel are tipped with red Go-NoGo gage holders.




My Methodology:

Each piece starts with a particular object, or group of objects, that entice me to act. 

These become the foundation and the spark from which all else follows. 

I strive for the main elements of ashtray, cigar supports, upright, and feet to reflect each other yet stand on their own merits - pushing and pulling the viewer’s eye here and there in a gentle cycle of surprise and appreciation. 

I wrestle and struggle, weld it up and cut it back apart as I seek solutions that balance each other and simply ‘work’. 

PS: Keep your eyes open, there's more to come!

Charles Himself

(who doesn't smoke and who dislikes red wine)



Prices upon request


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